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A survey a day

No one’s ever made a million completing online surveys but a small daily habit could make you some handy cash.
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We spend enough of our time mooching around on social media sites, watching pointless videos that surely we can spare a few minutes a day to complete some money-earning surveys?

After reading some very helpful posts on the From Aldi to Harrods Blog about earning extra cash, I decided to join Prolific Academic its a survey site that pays pretty decent money (in the online survey world that is) I’ve earned about £5-£10 a month by completing the odd survey here and there. Sure, it’s not hundreds but it’s a start and every penny adds up!

The surveys vary in length they may last 5 or even 25 minutes, they are often academic surveys wanting your opinion rather than marketing surveys asking tons of questions about your personal life. The site is very well organised and easy to navigate, once you reach the £5 threshold(usually take 3-5 surveys) you can withdraw the earnings into your paypal account.

Prolific Academic is definitely one of my favourite survey sites for earning some extra cash :)


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