The Shrewd Life- ‘Those who spend wisely live nicely’

Being a savvy-shopper has completely changed my life. I pride myself in maintaining a high standard of living on an average wage, I firmly believe you can have your cake and eat it!

I’ve spent the last few years cutting back on life to get onto the property ladder, dates became mystery dines and free film previews, my evenings spent doing market research and weekends standing in the cold at car boot sales and it’s all paid off.

It’s now become a way of life, a mantra I live by. My friends and family now come to me for consumer advice and money-saving tips, and nothing makes me happier than sharing advice and helping people.

Saving money has become a habit, maybe even an obsession, it’s something I am totally passionate about and I love to share ideas with anyone who will listen. I hope to encourage people to make better decisions, to shop around and to challenge the things that go wrong. To make sure that we all receive what we are entitled to and that our hard earned cash is spent wisely.

Unfortunately, money rules most of our lives, it dictates, it wants, it almost chooses our path for us. So many people struggle to manage their finances and to get value for money in life, I think we could all live better if we just managed our spending a little more and demanded a better service.

The cost of living never stops rising and somehow we’ve got to learn to work the system and by that I don’t mean anything illegal or life threatening just smart, clever-shrewd!



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