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Ho Ho Hunting- Week 1

Christmas is in full-force and I’ve got a ton of presents to buy for next to nothing-joy! (I won’t mention that the majority of my family also have birthdays the week before crimbo-yeah cheers for that)

Every year I find myself on a tight budget for Christmas, it’s something I never really save for. Gone are the days I enjoyed buying lavish gifts, when I had money to burn nowadays its a chore I detest and can never afford!

So here’s some tips to help you save on your festive shopping this week:

  • Join HotUkDeals and set-up alerts. HotUkDeals is a great site/forum where people share bargains and special offers they find. I have found some absolute treasures via HUKD, you can even set-up alerts so that if someone posts something containing a specific word you get an email notification. It can be as generic as ‘perfume’ or more specific like ‘monsters high doll’, HUKD is also great for finding discount codes, my advice would be to get the app and always check before you start shopping.
  • Make sure you maximize multi-buys, for example last weekend I was shopping in M&S (with my new sparks card in tow) I was buying some gifts on a 3for2 deal, 6 items: 3 at £5 each and another 3 at £1 each, I knew if they were scanned altogether I’d save £2, as the 2 cheapest items were free so I asked the cashier to do two separate transactions meaning I got both a £5 and £1 gift free(confused yet)
  • Don’t forget coupons, if you’re shopping in my fav supermarket Lidl– make sure you nab a magazine by the tills before you fill your trolley this week for special money-off coupons.
  • If you’re shopping online for heaven’s sake use CASHBACK, I can’t stress it enough! Even if you’re shopping in-store make sure you have registered your bank card with the cashback sites to gain ‘in-store’ cashback. Quidco is offering 5% in-store cashback at River Island
  • Raid the pound shops!! I stocked-up on £1 selfie-sticks for the office secret santa but they’d make great stocking-fillers or table gifts.
    They also have some gorgeous tree decorations in Poundworld- very similar to the more pricey Gisella Graham diamante baubles which cost quadruple the price. Last Christmas I even purchased charger plates for my Christmas table from there-bargain!
  • Check Amazon for daily Black Friday offers

I will be posting any deals I come across on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram– get following so you don’t miss out :)

Happy hunting everyone, I’m off to Costco to buy wrapping paper!



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