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Home Renovation on a Budget- Shop Around

If you’ve read some of my older blog posts you will know that 6 weeks after buying my first home in 2014 it flooded and I was faced with the mammoth task of renovating my entire home. Fast-forward 2 years, we’ve moved and I’m doing it again (only this time it’s out of choice and to make it even crazier there’s a shrewd baby on the way in a matter of months!

Any form of DIY/building work is expensive-end of. Even if you’re doing it yourself or getting mates rates for the labour there’s still materials to be sourced and paid for.

One thing I have learnt, as with everything is to SHOP AROUND!!

For example 2 weeks ago I was quoted nearly £700.00 for a branded laminate worktop for my kitchen, the retailer was independent and the brand isn’t sold in any DIY stores like B&Q or Wickes. So after an hour or so of trawling the internet I found it cheaper, the more I searched the cheaper it got and eventually with delivery I found it for £325.00 bargain!

Most of us nowadays are used to the concept of shopping around for better deals and looking for discount codes but does this only apply to clothing and small items?

Everyone likes to see what they are buying and when it comes to large home purchases and DIY related products we like to mull it over and take our time (its a big commitment after all).
Many of us also choose convenience, if we can buy it all from one place we will and if they can deliver it in one hit even better-but this method doesn’t often save us money.IMG_5987

To cut corners I have ‘shopped-around’ like a woman possessed, I’ve emailed companies asking for discount codes, I’ve contacted sales staff asking for better deals and I’ve caused myself a mountain of stress with never-ending deliveries from every Tom, Dick and Harry just to keep the costs down- and it’s all been worth it.

Here are some great online alternatives I’ve used recently to source my decorating materials:

Tile Mountain
Last time round I (stupidly) bought very expensive quartz tiles from a well-known highstreet store without even considering shopping online. I didn’t have a clue about how many I needed or the design I wanted to create, so I went with convenience and wasted my cash.
This time round I am LOVING Tile Mountain, not only am I able to order an endless supply of ‘FREE’ samples from them but they always arrive wonderfully packaged within a couple days-now that’s service!
Don’t let the ‘online-ness’ put you off either, I recommended to a colleague at work and she used their online planning tools to design her bathroom, you can contact staff for product suggestions and better still they’re on Pinterest. They have a huge range to choose from, i’m especially liking these large ‘Brancato‘ tiles to create a spacious modern bathroom
The best bit, the price- enough said.


UK Flooring Direct
Flooring ranges in the more affordable DIY stores can be very limited and often not the greatest quality, so to avoid expensive flooring shops I surfed the net and found UK Flooring Direct.
UKFD, sell a huge range of flooring from laminate to solid wood, they are very well priced and provide amazing samples. The website has a chat option with the sales team which I used to negotiate a better price on my order and get some advice on underlay. The delivery was super quick and you can return unopened packets if you order too many :)
Keep your eyes peeled for promotional discount codes!


Online stores really can provide convenience and choice even if you don’t know exactly what you want, take advantage of free samples, get some design advice and save yourself a fortune.

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