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Slow Cooker Roasting

I hate Sunday Roast Dinner……..said no one ever!
But, i’ll tell you what I do hate and thats the amount of time it takes to prep and cook a bloody roast especially when i’m trying to make the most of my weekend or nursing a hangover-it can be a major effort.
So the other weekend I used my trusty slow cooker to do it all for me (well almost everything) here’s how I did it:

IMG_4677Firstly at around 10am, I seared the lamb joint in a frying pan, to brown it off etc.

IMG_4678I then layered up my roast potatoes, carrots and diced frozen onions (to be used in the gravy later on), I placed the lamb on top and filled in any gaps with spare veg. IMG_4679I added a little water so it wasn’t too dry and left the slow cooker on low.IMG_4700I returned about 6 hours later and cranked my slow cooker up to high for a couple more hours.IMG_4696I then finished off the lamb and veg in my oven for a further hour to crisp up.

IMG_4830Bon Appetit!


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