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The 2015 Cosmo Blog Awards

Being quite new to the blogging scene I never expected anything from entering the 2015 Cosmo Blog Awards. I tried my luck in the Travel and Home categories and was gobsmacked when I made it to the Home shortlist, I was up against some really good bloggers with much larger followings and more established blogs.IMG_4757

The awards were held last night at One Marylebone, London. The venue really reminded me of that episode of the Hills when LC and Whitney are hosting the Teen Vogue event in the Downtown LA Church.
The place was full of beauty brands offering free promo treatments and the most delicious chocolate covered Oreos from La di da Sweet Treats-dont’t worry you can find them in Selfrideges!IMG_4758

I’ve never been to any kind of Awards/PR events before so this was all new to me, oddly I’ve become shier in the last few years so networking was a challenge. Luckily I spotted a few food bloggers I had spoken with over twitter so made a bee-line to introduce myself to them in person.

After some ‘mingling’ the award winners were announced by TV presenter Lilah Parsons, I didn’t win an award for the home category, I knew it was a long-shot but I was more than happy to be there soaking up the atmosphere and cheering on the winners.

After the award-giving, we knocked-back some fruity cocktails and canapes and I got the MUA on the Make-Up Forever stand to give me wings. I made sure I collected some goodies from the Remington hair stand and bagged myself a Curl Revolution wand along with my Cosmo goody bag-cheers!IMG_4769

For me, the highlight was receiving some really positive feedback on my blog from other bloggers, people who had read my posts seemed to really ‘get’ how my blog is different to a lot of other Personal Finance Blogs.
One lady I spoke to said that I didn’t look like a stereotypical frugalist, and that it was clear I was trying to show people how I do and buy nice things without breaking the bank.

TheShrewdLife has always been about having your cake and eating it too, I’m never going to encourage you to reuse teabags, knit your own clothes or live without heating(imagine!). Instead I try my best to share the habits and things I do to save cash and spend more wisely, being ‘shrewd’ helps me to fund my lifestyle, pay my mortgage and fulfill the holiday obsession.

Last night’s Blog Awards was a great opportunity to network and meet some really motivated and passionate people, bloggers sharing their ‘thing’ with others and enjoying a unique experience- Thanks Cosmo!IMG_4767



2 thoughts on “The 2015 Cosmo Blog Awards

  1. It was lovely to meet you at the awards and hear more about the blog. I think I was one of the people waffling at you about how much I liked that The Shrewd Life has a lovely upbeat vibe to it, something which doesn’t always come across in other personal finance blogs.

    I know what you mean about becoming more shy in recent years, I feel the same too so it was lovely to chat to you and fellow bloggers…and you’ll be pleased to know I claim my partial refund on my delayed train home! :)

    • Thank you ever so much, it’s lovely to get positive feedback :) especially from a fellow blogger!
      Oh that’s music to my ears! Maybe if we all had a little moan now and again for delayed trains-they might eventually start to turn up on time.

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