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Winter Fuel Overhaul

My heating’s been on for about a month or so now, I love being warm and I’m so glad I now control the thermostat (mum and dad’s house was a fridge!) The only downside is I have to pay the bills….


My energy costs aren’t too bad as I have a very energy-efficient home after installing LED light bulbs and a new combi-boiler last year, but upgrading your energy systems and appliances at home can cost a small fortune so I’ve found some cheap tips to help you save energy:

  • First of all, are you with the cheapest supplier possible? Moving supplier is easier than you think and if you take monthly meter reads you can pay for exactly what you use and avoid estimated billing
  • Bag yourself some free insulation, a lot of heat is lost through poorly insulated homes so look into free insulation, here’s an article I wrote last winter to help
  • Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree-easy
  • Swap your oven for the slow cooker, okay it won’t save you hundreds but its the little changes that add up.
  • Get in the habit of turning off plugs, when you’re not using something turn it off-it’s such a simple thing and becomes second nature once you start paying attention to it. Switch off your kettle/toaster at the plug when they’re not in use.
  • Showers instead of baths

plug socket

  • Get on draught patrol- if you have a chimney block it up when it’s not in use and cover those drafty doors with a draught excluder-you could even make one!
  • Invest in some thick socks and comfy clothing to keep you cosy when you’re chilling at home (Primarni)
  • Turn lights off when you’re not in the room, it’s so much more restful having the lights off, maybe light a nice candle instead, they instantly make me feel warm (just remember to put them out)
  • Don’t cover your radiators- I’m guilty for using mine to dry clothes occasionally but it blocks so much heat
  • Could you wash your clothes on a lower temperature?
  • Get washing out on the line when you can to avoid using the tumble drier, I also iron a lot of my clothes whilst damp as the iron much better!
  • Do you qualify for an energy saving grant?
  • And finally if all else fails, find someone to snuggle with and share some body heat :)


Most of the tips I’ve mentioned aren’t ‘new’ by any means but sometimes the more we hear them the more we start to make those small changes that add up and save us cash in the long run. How many of us leave our iPhone chargers switched on when we’re not using them? Or lights on in empty rooms?

But more importantly- go to the source and switch your provider! Help the less-savvy members of your family to do the same and make sure your elderly loved-ones aren’t feeling overwhelmed by high energy bills this winter.

Keep warm!



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